Every day is the birthday of a new technology which comes with amazing rapidity! And a wireless technology mobile system includes many generations of technologies.

Generations of technology:

0G Technology: The first generation of technology is a mobile radio telephone called 0 (Zero) Generation. This telephone system includes transceiver, dial, display and handset. It is also called Radio Common Carrier (RCC). The Motorola with Bell system is a great example of this device.

1G Technology: In 1980, the analog telecommunication system was included in telephone technology which was introduced as 1G technology. This technology has just an analog system with bandwidth up to 30kHz. The first 1G cellular system was launched in Japan by NTT organization.

2G Technology: The digital communication system came  into the market with 2G technology which makes spectral bandwidth possible up to 200kHz and SMS services among cellular phone users. GSM and CDMA are two systems of 2G technology. They are different types of multiplexing systems. The text messaging service is the best part of 2G technology.

2.5G Technology: This technology includes a GPRS system with a packet data internet service. The MMS and mobile internet with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) are the new features of 2.5G technology.

2.75G Technology: The GPRS system with EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) feature was possible because of 2.75 Technology that starts the advance technology in GSM internet system.

3G Technology: High speed internet on mobile, video calls and mobile TV are new features of 3G technology. 3GPP is a group of CDMA2000 and UMTS which broadcast internet speed up to 2 MBPS with high data rate. 3.5G and 3.75G technologies are something like 3G technology and includes features similar to a 3G system.

4G Technology: It’s the latest technology system used in the current mobile phone market. The mobile ultra-broadband internet access, video conference, 3D television and LTE (Long Term Evolution) are new features of 4G technology. 4G-LTE is a completely new technology that makes possible data transfer capacity up to 100MBPS and spectral bandwidth up to 40 MHz.

Basics about 5G Technology:

5G technology has not been officially launched but it will definitely come with all major features of 4G mobile technology and IMT-Advanced system . It will completely change the global mobile system with new technology and lots of amazing features. 5G technology may include new concepts of multiple paths for the concurrent data transfer. However, the perfect data transfer rate is not confirmed for 5G technology.

What’s new in 5G Technology:

In 4G technology, users can get the benefit of high data transfer speed but they have to use a specific multiple access system like SDMA while 5G technology provides Multi-user MIMO ( Multiple-input and multiple-output). Currently, wireless system has a particular range of area for some network connections, while 5G technology will remove the limitation of network access range.

Many web applications will work on wireless based systems. These multimedia applications will include more speed than 4G internet speeds  though with WWWW (World wide wireless web) feature. HAPS (High-altitude stratospheric platform station) system and IPv6 mobile IP address will be included in internet network connections.

5G technology - features and advantages:

  • 5G technology will include spectral bandwidth more than 40 MHz on frequency channel which is a larger range than all other wireless technology systems.
  • The artificial intelligence will be included in 5G technology through advance wearable computer  technology.
  • Massive Distributed with Multiple-input and multiple-output will be provided by 5G which will help cut costs and make it energy-effective.
  • 5G technology may consume low battery power, provide a wide range of coverage, cheap rate of network services and many other advantages.
  • 4G technology provides up to 1 GBPS internet speed and so it may be possible that 5G technology will provide more than 1 GBPS speed.

Effects of 5G technology in current internet market:

Mobile devices will come as a 5G supported device. 5G makes it possible to access high speed internet on a laptop or computer with mobile internet connection. The browsing on laptops and computers will get affected by 5G mobile technology because every person will want to use internet on a mobile. Software and website development will greatly benefit through high speed internet connection. Above all, internet businesses for internet marketing, web design, website development and social media sites will need to effect many changes in their strategies.

5G technology will thus greatly alter current mobile wireless technology and usher in lots of novel features for mobile and internet users.


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