Recently, Windows launched its latest operating system Windows 8 which includes many new features. Now it has announced that it will build a new operating system for Windows. The Windows Blue will be the next version of Windows with lots of new updates and features. It will be released in mid 2013. Windows has promised to launch a new update of its operating system every year so users can get the benefits of new features and also updates. Currently, Apple’s OS X is providing these types of updates and now Windows will do that.

What's the latest update says

Verge, the latest technology and gadget information provider, have released information about Windows Blue and declared Microsoft’s next plan about its operating system. The Windows Blue may be an update of Windows and it will cost very little or it may be free. The complete details about the changes in Windows has not been announced but it’s sure that Microsoft will make changes in the User Interface of Windows 8.

Effects on Windows application development

Microsoft has not just released Windows 8 for computer operating system but it will be launching Windows Phone 8 with its latest operating system. It seems the new OS will take place in the mobile market like Android and iOS.
There are many mobile application developers connected with Android and iPhone, so now they will diversify by creating an application for Windows Phone 8. The major problem is about Windows updates. Developers have to concentrate on Windows features and build an effective application that can be supported in all versions of Windows operating system. It will be great for Windows application developers since they just need to create one application of computer and mobile Windows application.

Advantages and effects

We can say that Microsoft launched Windows, the major OS, and now it will just provide yearly versions for its users. There are many software companies providing these types of updates and they are not charging anything. So Windows users will surely get benefit of low cost or free version for  Windows.

The yearly updates of Microsoft will increase new features in an operating system with all existing features in the old version. This will make users to work on older features and also with some advance options. If Windows will go for just updating online then it will be hugely successful because many computer users are not using paid version of Windows 7 or Windows XP because they can use the same key for many computers. Microsoft can here go through strike option and just allow upgrading online. However, operating system covers boot too so it may be not possible to make the perfect software configuration.


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