Google has introduced to the broadband internet service providers an amazing business opportunity to provide high speed network connection. Currently, many internet service providers claim affordable cost of data plan with fastest internet speed when actually, they cannot provide high speed. However, Google aims at providing the users with 1Gbps internet service with an effective data plan through its Kansas City fiber project.

About Google Fiber

On 26th July, Google announced the installation of Google fiber TV and fiber broadband connection for office usage and individual residence. It provides 1Gbps internet speed for surfing, download and also for uploading any files on internet. Many organization run on high speed internet connection as it’s their requirement and high speed will help save on time and would also work out affordable.

What’s new?

Well, the good news for internet users is that Google provides 100 times faster internet speed than all broadband cable service providers. The promos of Google internet + TV will attract a lot of users, as it would mean high speed connection that makes it possible to watch HD on TV and also videos on internet. However, this is also possible through other broadband connections but they do have limitation by way of limited speed and not as effective as Google fiber. Google also provides great data saving capacity for video storage which includes more than 500 hours HD video data.

Kansas City and Google fiber

Google fiber optic network is a project which is the future of the web and installed in Kansas City. It includes many advance features for broadband connection users. Google will definitely succeed and beat competitors who are also internet broadband service providers. Google has not yet announced if they would provide Google fiber service in other American areas however, to start with only Kansas City will get fiber network. Google has not yet finalized the decision to provide this service only to Kansas City. Google will want to check the users review about using Google internet service and once they get a positive feedback they will plan to move ahead in other areas as well.

Google fiber includes many data plans for internet and TV connection. The best plan seems to be $120 per month with unlimited 1Gbps internet speed with TV access. This is in the finalization stage as they would like to include advanced features as 2TB DVR data storage to record videos and other matter, 1TB space for Google Drive and additional hardware support Nexus 7 tablet. You may check the price and data plans on Google fiber project page of Google.

Other cities are also hoping to receive broadband connection through Google fiber but Google has decided to check its fate in Kansas City. Google wants to succeed as an internet service provider through broadband and Wireless network connection. Google has also included Wi-Fi network services in some mountainous areas where broadband connection is simply not possible, for example some areas of California.

Effects on Business and Home users

Google wants to get a breakthrough in large organizations, small office users and individual home internet users. Google has included TV + internet facility to attract home users and provides them with enough bandwidth, where one can watch HD videos in all its glory. The video recording system can store more than 500 hours of HD quality video and provides theater like effect at home.

Google broadband will also assist for business progress through its high speed internet connection. There are various online businesses such as website development, e-commerce service, web Designing firm and other related organizations that will benefit from Google’s fiber project.

Google’s own system

Google is providing 1Gbps speed for normal users and we can just imagine Google’s own working system. Google works on Ad sense (Advertising), Search Engine and services which include large number of data; that’s why just like web, Google fiber keeps getting better and will access data real fast.

Technology is changing at a fast pace and there is no end at the way its revolutionizing .Internet service at 1Gbps which makes Google 100 times faster than today’s average internet enhancing you to get whatever you want instantaneously thus making it possible to work fast and effectively.


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